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Who we are

WAYLL is an IT and software development company. It has spreader overall I.T products, which cater to user industry, small scale medium scale enterprises and other businesses. It also provides I.T solutions to business and companies to web enable their business, by understanding their internet needs and overall I.T solutions and automation. WAYLL is a fast growing company diversifying in various facets of I.T arena.

WAYLL foray in I.T dated back in 2004 when I.T was at the cross roads in the global economic scenario. It has clear vision to make a mark in software development, I.T products, catering to various industries where I.T is must. It embarks on a mission to make an incessant stride with its expertise by using the present day technologies with state of the art infrastructure. For WAYLL core competencies are lucidly defined by using the past experience as foundation to evolve in new horizons.

What we are doing

We follow a full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Once you have chosen Wayll for development work, the next steps are simple.After you submit a Request for Quote to us, we form a core team that prepares vision/scope documents for your project free of charge. We envision the overall direction for the project, including determining which features the solution will and will not include, and a general schedule for delivery.

During this phase the team prepares the functional specifications, works the design process through, and prepares work plans, cost estimates and schedules for the various deliverables. This work is carried out by us free of charge. The stage is completed by the signing of a contract. In complicated cases a screen prototype of a new system can also be developed. This allows the customer to review the future system and to give their feedback at an early stage of the development.

Design and Development

Our team accomplishes the building of solution components (code as well as documentation). Our process model combines principles of waterfall and spiral models. We use the best approaches of several standard processes and support different kinds of outsourcing. Our development process is interactive. That means that customers monitor the progress of development online so they won't be faced with any sudden issues at the end.


In this phase testing is conducted on a solution whose features are complete. Testing emphasizes usage and operation under realistic environmental conditions. The team focuses on resolving and triaging (prioritizing) bugs and preparing the solution for release. Testers develop the Test Plan, test cases and scripts, test the system and verify that it operates according to the specification. After rigorous testing, we launch the application.

Delivery and Support

WAYLL team deploys the core technology and site components, stabilizes the deployment, transitions the project to operations and support, and obtains final customer approval for the project. It is not just a Product that is delivered to the customer, it is a Solution.

Usually a typical software package includes

Software product

Quality Assurance documentation

Technical requirements documentation and design documentation

User's Guide

Installation program and instructions

Documented source code

Maintenance instructions

All intellectual property rights and software source code are retained by the customer. The development team keeps supporting the system after installation, and we also provide a warranty. We promise GUARANTEED MONEY BACK if the customer is not satisfied.